About Us

Sylhet Sports Limited is the new Franchisee for BPL 2017, chaired by renowned architect, social activist and IT Specialist Shahed Muhit. We are dedicated to providing exhilarating and exciting cricket matches during the BPL season and building a passionate fan base across the country. Our management has extensive experience in sports team management comprising of renowned cricket players and avid cricket fans. We leveraged this experience to develop a new, young and exciting team. Furthermore, through the launch of Sylhet Sixers, we intend to bridge the gap between the cricket stars and passionate fans and engage the youth to divert their focus to wholesome sporting activities.

Sylhet Sixers is the brainchild of the Honorable Finance Minister and local Sylheti icon, Abul Maal Abdul Muhit. A management team comprising of former cricketers, coaches, lawyers, business entrepreneurs joined hands to start the foundation of the Sylhet Sixers. Mr. Maashed R. Abdullah and Mr. Yasir Obaid both textiles entrepreneurs joined the Sixers as Managing Director and CEO respectively. Mr. Shafiul Alam Nadel joined the team as the Director of Sylhet Operations, Mr. Gazi Ashraf Lipu and Mr. Faruque Ahmed both ex national team captains came on board as Advisor and Cricket Operations Director. Mr. Zafrul Ehsan was selected as the Head Coach and Mr. Hasibul Hossain Shanto was brought in as the Team Manager.

Despite having a rich history of cultivating brilliant players and passionate fans, Sylhet could not participate in the last edition of BPL with their own team whereas the Finance Minister himself was involved with the inception of cricket leagues in the Division.

Through Sylhet Sixers, we aim to deliver fun and exciting games to the Sylhet cricket fans. Sylhet cricket fans will no longer be deprived from the nail-biting excitement of BPL and would be hoping to make a strong statement through their team.

Furthermore, we believe that the inauguration of Sylhet Sixers will work as an effective catalyst to attract and engage the youth towards wholesome activities and community development through sports.

Sylhet Sixers' slogan “Laagle Bari Boundaari” got its inspiration from a former Sylheti cricketer T.I Ambia. Every time Ambia use to come to bat, people would chant this slogan and wait for him to perform. As a cricketer, he never disappointed his fans.

Unlike the other teams Sylhet Sixers is deeply rooted with the people of Sylhet and with the mission of promoting sports in Sylhet. The team colours, green represent the lush tea gardens of Sylhet and the blue represents the Surma river of Sylhet.


The Sixers mission is to build a young, enthusiastic and solid team that is that is not filled with global stars, but with players who are emerging within the cricket circles. The idea is grow as a strong unit and be competitive in all tournaments. Currently, apart from the few stars, the Sixers comprises of players who are all trying to break through or trying to establish themselves in the game.

Six Counter



points table
Standings P W L PTS NRR
R.Riders 12 8 4 16 1.018
C.Victorians 12 8 4 16 0.066
C.Vikings 12 7 5 14 -0.293
D.Dynamites 12 6 6 12 0.974
R.Kings 12 6 6 12 -0.518
S.Sixers 12 5 7 10 0.066
K.Titans 12 2 10 4 -1.259

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A franchise team of BPL 2019.